YOYI Won Global Business Innovation Award For QATAR Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Author:悠易互通 Release time:2019-12-19
The " TOP TOUCH Festival - 2019 Global Business Innovation Award" was announced on December 19,2019. YOYI won the award for providing QATAR with an innovative advertising strategy to achieve Omnichannel Marketing.
YOYI won the same award in 2019, and not a surprise this time due to its’ special contribution and impact in the field of omnichannel marketing. The TOP TOUCH Festival each year presents the award to the most innovative, influential and forward-looking outstanding solutions, companies and individuals in the business marketing world. It has grown into one of the authoritative awards not only in China, but also in the Asia Pacific region after seven years’ of such efforts.


However, with the changes of the overall media environment,its’ fragmentation,diversity of the screens and the audience, the users are less capable to focus. The enterprises need more intelligent and comprehensive marketing platform and solutions in terms of channel, scenario and other aspects. When analyzing the needs and providing an advertising strategy, Yoyi has identified the unique background of increasing numbers of travelers to places outside of China year by year. The right target audience, who should be travel groups and/or fans, was found and reached along with the line and clue. YOYI DNA contains the full coverage of such groups and data insights of their consumption journeys. The database of YOYI DNA hence specified three dimensions of target audience, including tourism, business travel elite and/or families. Meanwhile, based on their habits and preferences, the data labels and usage scenarios are refined, and the accurate audience are reached as the result.
YOYI applied the advertising strategy by utilizing its multi-screen capability via mobile, OTT, DOOH to ensure target groups to be reached at all ends, via each household and individuals, focusing on their preference in various media. OTV + power on + feeds approach was very effective to meet the customer’s key criteria such as exposure to strengthen the brand image. The typical business tourists’ tracks were locked at hotel accommodation in the four-star and/or five-star hotels in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other major cities. The business elites were also reached through DOOH. In terms of the coverage on the household, YOYI selected high-end brands OTT to make it visible in high-end families and tourists to match the prestigious image of the brand.
The results showed that the average CTR of 4.6% had been achieved, nearly twice higher than that of conventional methods. The cross-screen scenario marketing has proven to result in the higher click rate, stronger brand awareness and more positive reputation.
In recent years, YOYI is committed to enabling omnichannel intelligent marketing with data and AI as the core competitiveness and has laid out the product strategy of advertising cloud, data cloud and marketing cloud. It integrates the broader cross screen coverage and interaction density including PC, mobile, OTT, DOOH etc, facilitating enterprises to form their core competitive advantages and maximize the value of consumers to achieve the full screen, full function and full audience strategy. YOYI will continue to explore the true value of data and technology and bring more possibilities for enterprises to market and grow themselves.


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