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Intelligent temperature measuring water cup

发布时间:2019/08/22      发布作者:源创尚品

  Have you ever been scalded while drinking with a thermos? If so, you need a thermos that can detect the water temperature. "Water" is the source of life. People who care about you often talk about "remember to drink more water". With this cup, we no longer need to worry about our family. It can not only measure the temperature intelligently, but also convey the current water temperature in real time and avoid drinking too hot or too cold water. Still can carry on drinking water to remind, resemble a warm family member to accompany at any time in the side.
  The designer has spent a lot of time on the lid, and the display area is represented by leaves. When there is enough water to drink, all the leaves will light up, a lively scene. When there is no water for a long time, the leaves will go out one by one. It makes users feel like they are growing a sapling. Only drinking water continuously can ensure that the sapling does not wither. Make drinking water more intimate and warm.